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The Best Sites to View Hollywood Sign 

Posted on 03 Feb, 2024 at 02:19 pm - by

You can't possibly wholly enjoy your Los Angeles tour without visiting the iconic landmark: The Hollywood Sign, which stands as a testament to the history and culture of the city's vibrant entertainment past. The sign is situated at Mount Lee facing southward nestled in the Hollywood Hills, a hidden gem awaiting your presence. With all its magnificence and beauty, the real challenge lies in getting the best spot to see the Hollywood sign, whether it be to click a few Instagram-worthy pictures or to simply marvel at this treasure of the entertainment industry. And if you're wracking your head with all the possible best place to see the Hollywood sign then dive into this article to find just the right spot, for exceptional yet breathtaking vistas. 


Griffith Observatory 

Top on the list of best place to see the Hollywood sign is the Griffith Observatory. Not only is the observatory a galactic marvel but also is a world-renowned spot to have unparalleled panoramas of the iconic sign. Situated on top of Mount Hollywood facing south, the observatory is usually buzzing with a large influx of people all year round, making it the best place to view the Hollywood sign. The observatory is a wonder within a wonder itself, providing not only picturesque vistas of the sign but you can also enjoy views of the downtown horizon as well as the Pacific Ocean. Go on a casual promenade and you’ll be exposed to the expansive beauty of the surroundings, all of which allow you the best views of the Hollywood sign. And if you are thinking that the observatory only has spots for Unhindered vistas, then you are wrong for the place allows you to step into a completely new world of its own. 


Lake Hollywood Park 

If watching the Hollywood sign within the comfort of your cozy blanket is your thing then head over to Lake Hollywood Park, situated a few miles from the bustling Hollywood Boulevard. This is the best spot to see the Hollywood sign, as it offers calm vistas that sweep one of their feet. View the sign from different angles and you’ll still be amazed at its marvelous excellence, all while you tuck your feet under the warm comfortable blanket. This park is quite famous with tourists regarding its picnic opportunities with the awe-inspiring nature and not to mention the monumental sign itself. Munch on snacks, have a blast with your pals or simply sit there while the serenity of the surroundings envelops you, and surely you won't be disappointed. The little kids can also have fun in the playground nestled in the park, making this place a diverse option for all ages. 


Canyon Lake Drive 

For those who are eager to have the best views of the Hollywood sign but are in no mood for hiking or even walking, then the Canyon Lake Drive option stands still. As the name suggests you can drive by any means all the way to Canyon Lake Drive, where it ends, which allows you to have a very close view of the Hollywood sign. Parking can be a problem here, so it is recommended that you arrive early, this area is residential.


Mulholland Scenic Parkway and Corridor 

Embark on a unique journey at Mulholland Drive, which is one of the places that provide the best views of the Hollywood sign, as well as an unforgettable experience. The road that unwinds itself as you drive upon it is one of a kind, rendering exquisite viewpoints for you to have mind-blowing views of the San Fernando Valley as well as the LA Basin, and of course the unparalleled Hollywood Sign.


Mount Hollywood Trail 

Take up the dare and get your legs working on this Mount Hollywood hiking trail. The trails start at the Griffith observatory’s area designated for parking surrounding one with its serene and captivating natural allure. The trail also offers exquisite viewpoints of the Hollywood sign easily making it the best place to view the Hollywood sign. The trail is fairly easy and suitable for everyone, amateur or pro, and offers not just striking panoramas of the sign but also defines the appeal of the stretched-out city below.  


Wisdom Tree Hike (Burbank Peak) 

Beckoning all daredevils and thrill seekers is the Wisdom Tree hiking trails, providing not only the best views of the Hollywood sign but also allowing you to work out your muscles. This challenging trail directs you to an isolated tree. Situated on Griffith Park’s western side, you can get to view the sign from a unique perspective, as you get enveloped in the bliss of downtown LA as your background. It's recommended you wear suitable footwear to ensure a comfortable trek, due to the jagged and harsh landscape. 


Sunset Ranch Hollywood 

What could be possibly better than having the best views of the Hollywood sign all whilst riding on a well-trained horse? Sounds like a movie starring you right? Well, if that’s exactly what you’re in search of then Sunset Ranch Hollywood offers its horse ranch in Greater Los Angeles to everyone. Ideally situated in the sprawling Hollywood Hills, Sunset Ranch provides an unforgettable experience with well-organized trail excursions, guided by experts as you get enveloped by the stunning surroundings. 

In a nutshell, ensuring that you have the best views of the Hollywood sign is a feat on its own. But with the places listed in the article, you are guaranteed to enjoy not only the magnificence of the sign but also the serenity of its surroundings. So, when you’re visiting LA make sure to embark on a fun trip to view the iconic Hollywood Sign. 

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